Top Places To Study An MBA

Top Places To Study An MBA

April 12, 2017

Choosing where to study is difficult, in a globalized world there are now more options than ever for where to study, all offering fantastic learning experiences. There are now more destinations than ever to study a quality MBA but here are some suggestions on locations where you can study an MBA and enjoy yourself at the same time.

New York – The home of cool, New York offers some of the world’s leading MBA programmes all in English. New York being the financial center of the world means that it’s a great place to study if you work within finance or capital. Accessible from anywhere in the world New York is at the heart of international business and offers excellent opportunities for students looking to work or play. New York is home to excellent niche MBA programmes, as well as amazing cultural events. Had enough of studying? Why not go to a Broadway production?

Barcelona – One of the world’s global hubs for business and culture, Barcelona offers many top MBA courses. There are several options for studying an English MBA in Barcelona with the city playing host to several top business schools. Many students choose Barcelona because it gives the best of both world’s it allows you to have a wonderful time while learning being in a global business hub with fantastic entertainment on your doorstep. Barcelona is a great place to study if you are interested in designer brands and high end marketing, although Barcelona is quickly establishing itself as a leader in global education.

Beijing – The capital of China, Beijing is a hub for business and commerce. If you want to immerse yourself in a new culture and experience different ways of doing business Beijing is the place to be. Many people struggle with the cultural differences of Beijing to other international cities but Beijing is a great place to study if you are interested in internationalisation and new market entry. In terms of travelling and leisure, Beijing is an excellent hub for exploring the rest of Asia with many low cost airlines offering cheap flights around China and the region. Many universities are now offering English language MBA programs although make sure to check their accreditation.

Edinburgh – Scotland’s capital Edinburgh plays host to several accredited business schools and is close to all of Europe’s main business hubs. Being slightly away from the main global production network grids, Edinburgh provides a more academic experience for students than other cities while providing excellent opportunities for internships and experience. Being in Scotland, Edinburgh is close to all of Scotland’s attractions and is an excellent opportunity to explore the rugged Scottish Highlands.

Globalisation has opened many opportunities for studying an MBA internationally, keep your options open and you will be able to make the most out of your MBA learning experience. When you are looking for an MBA make sure you choose somewhere that suits your needs as well as choosing a fantastic school which will enhance your career.

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